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For more than 10 years the PEAR Project has provided services to individuals in need. Our mission is to Prepare and Empower at risk individuals with life skills needed to become Accountable and effectively manage their Responsibilities. The PEAR's primary focus is

on Reentry and the needs of returning citizens.

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  • Anger Management

Getting back to Work


Derrick Whitlock

I was a student at the PEAR Project and completed my classes  December 1, 2014. I have never entered a room where the first test changed my life. I applied the principals that I learned at the PEAR and 8 months later I am working for DeKalb County Sanitation as  a Senior Crew Worker.
I hope this will inspire someone else to dig a little bit harder.
-In the end the only regret is the chances we didn't take earlier.

The PEAR uses a grassroots and hands-on process for planning, tracking, and managing our clients individual needs, focusing on  tailoring solutions that help them become successful returning citizens.


our services

PEAR recently attended the Reentry

Symposium held at Georgia State University !


What's more important than  accomplishing a goal? Nothing.


We love nothing more than to help our clients reach their milestones. We have a proven track record of making that happen, even under the most challenging situations. We have a passion to getting to the root of every circumstance to help determine the best path of successful reentry.



launch with the right plan in place


Our  approach is multi-dimensional with

commitments and  partnerships with other

stakeholders also in pursuit of similar goals

for complex issues. We invite you to partner

with us to build new success stories.

Welcome to the PEAR Project!

Changing Lives

Restoring HOPE

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My name is Vondell Cotton I have been associated with the PEAR Project since October, 2015 this is how the introduction began.

I went to the Career Center Goodwill to look for a job and I had only one unemployment check remaining. Looking at the calendar that the career center place at desk I noticed that a class was in progress a class to help felons get a job by using proper terms on resumes and job interviews. The facilitator knew what he was speaking about because he had been in our shoes and had overcome many of these obstacles successfully.

He spoke on many topics that we can use. One topic that really stuck on my mind and snatched my interest was an entrepreneur opportunity, as the facilitator would say a "Tailor Made Opportunity".  I began thinking about placing vending machines, bubble gum and candy machines in restaurants, businesses and recreational spots. Once I heard about this amazing opportunity and learned the know-how, I did not look back.

As of today Jan 14, 2016 I have 7 vending machines 3 that are on order for a location with this locator called Kickstart also working on a deal to purchase  8 machines with routes and inventory.

My Goal for this vending business is to build a route with 30 candy machines, once completed I will take the proceeds from the 30 machines to purchase the larger machines, potato chips, candy bars, sandwiches etc. I did the math and I figure 30 candy machines in high traffic areas will make this vending business self-sufficient with itself where I don’t have to place my own funds and the business will do the work. 2016 will be a good year for VdellMarketing Group & Vending,

Working with a nonprofit organization like the PEAR Project that helps men and women to better themselves after incarceration, has helped changed my life. Thank you for showing me a new outlook on my future.

God Bless

Our staff members are our greatest assets, with varied backgrounds and experiences providing genuine support and assistance to those in need of help.

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PEAR  expanded Resume Help & Job Readiness Workshops  starting in May. Check back soon for schedule!